Digital Rendering

From a base of scanned ink sketches on paper, using architectural software they are digitally layered to form a stylized coloured image.

“At the races” a quick rendered sketch, is a reminder of a trip to Chester races. An attempt to capture the power of the horses and determination of the jockeys.

“The cow pasture” is the summers day view  of open farmland invaded by a curious cow that could not resist bombing the shot.

“Glimpse the sea” is an imaginary sketch which captures the anticipation of glimpsing the sea for the first time in a coastal village.

“Old St. Mary’s Church”
Old St Mary’s Church became dissused and is now The Woburn Heritage Centre. Its rich stone walls, stain glass windows and the crown of the bell tower were too much to resist.

The Rows

High Street, Woburn


The Archer Pavilion, Wrest Park, Silsoe

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