A mixture of architectural images of forgotten, current and imaginary buildings in ink on watercolour deliver realistic presentations of familiar structures

“St.Edonoc Church”, St.Minver, Cornwall is the burial place of Sir John Betjeman, it was itself buried below the sands for many years. It is a modest but beautiful church and this picture attempts to capture it’s atmosphere.

“The Old Parsonage”, Woburn is a Grade 2* Listed Building painted before it was restored in 2017 when it became an office.

“The Queensway” or “Civic Hall” Dunstable is now demolished, it served as a social hub for many years. This painting is one of a pair produced to record the memory of an iconic building.

“Robin’s Flight” is an attempt to capture the movement between launch and landing whilst grading the intensity as the Flight progresses.

The Pitchings, Woburn

The Anchor, High Street North, Dunstable

Queensway Hall

Jordans Mill

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